Joe Russo on performing in Band of Changes.

Chris Harford is one of the most amazing and influential musicians I’ve been lucky enough to have in my life. Dave and Scott have been playing with him forever and I was lucky enough to be brought into The Band Of Changes fold a good 10 plus years ago. Chris is just one of those people who’s energy and passion for what he’s doing is contagious. I have rarely had more fun on stage than when I’m playing with The Band Of Changes. It’s raw, pensive, playful, painful, spirited and violent all wrapped up in one thing. I often credit playing with Chris to being a necessary part of my musical puzzle that led me to be able to do the Further gig. Chris thought me how to play with a singer. How to shut the hell up behind the song when I should shut the hell up and to play with a feel I had little comfort in before my tenure with The BOC. Chris and I along with Scott and Dave and an incredible cast of amazing musicians had just recently completed Chris’ new record, Horn Of Plenty, and I was listening to it on a long drive and was overwhelmed with emotion while hearing Chris deliver his full heart on every song. We did a pretty great cover of Neil Young’s Hippy Dream on that record and and I had this vision of Chris joining us on stage with JRAD to deliver a rendition to close out the run. People need to know Chris if they don’t. He’s a true force

-Joe Russo (Relix Magazine)

Band of Changes with Dave Dreiwitz, Joe Russo, Scott Metzger & Chris Harford at Brooklyn Bowl photo by Jenny Lee Baniszewski

photograph by jenny lee baniszweski